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About Us

Our Story

Indian education sector paved its foundation stones maybe thousands of years ago. If we look into history, our ancestors were a way before enlightened generation of modern mankind itself. But so ironically our generation is so passive that we follow the same pattern of education system and the curriculum without further improvisation since centuries or at least many decades.

Have you ever thought of a restructuring?

The world is so dynamic that everything is changing day by day except ‘change’. The science, the technologies, the jobs, the lifestyle, the business opportunities, the platforms and what not. So we believe revolution is also required in the education sector too.

Our Mission

Right education is never some papers with some score and hologram but it’s a magical door that let you enter anywhere with self-esteem and something that gives you the real privilege. And dear parents, the right education is the best gift that you can give to your child

And that’s why we ‘GRADUATOR’ a team of youngsters who wants to bring some effective and productive revolution in the education sector. And thus ‘GRADUATOR’ is born.

What we do

Our services to the blooming generation cumulates a lot of activities in different levels and angles of education sector. The revolution that we aim cannot be brought by one midnight, but it is a continues and time consuming process.


GRADUATOR came into picture as a free mobile application which works as an education service provider for students where they can search their dream courses, collages and appropriate career information. The app also provides a space for esteemed universities and colleges around the globe to have their profile in it with all their facilities and unique service points.

Our experience oriented add-on programs

The globe is under updation every second. Everything is updating. Let it be science, technology, lifestyle, your job or the roles, and what not. What you do today may not be the same tomorrow, what you learn today is not always enough for tomorrow. But it’s unfortunate that the rate of updation in our education sector is too passive to cop up with the running world. When you want to put your learnings to a career, it’s never enough, many of the companies and recruiters are not 100% satisfied in their recruiting process. As a result, many of our graduates are unemployed or underemployed. Or may be working in an altogether different ambience from what they have studied.

This is why GRADUATOR decided to study the market trends, updations, and analyses what is the demand in the near future. Here we create short-term practical oriented certified programs that enhance your experience and education. Thus GRADUATOR stepped into add-on creation, collaboration, and facilitation where we Combine certificate programs along with UG & PG courses. Such as sports management, Aviation, logistics & SCM, CAD software, coding, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics and other fruitful courses which provides better job opportunities and are live according to the trend in market We deliver our programs exclusively with us and with esteemed education institutions.


Marketing is one of the fundamental of any entity. Marketing includes every action that you carries away from paving the foundation stone of your entity to your brand name, product or service, the quality that you keep, the promotional activities you follow, the brand loyalty that you gain, and everything that connects your business and your customer.

For an education institution, marketing inculcate everything from creating its brand name, promoting its brand, educating your target market, drawing the target audience to you making the point of sale or in other words convincing them to join in your institution, delivering your product without compromising the quality promised, sustaining the customer without any bad impression, and finally converting your customer to your loyal aluminises So we conclude that we GRADUATOR have got your back for all your marketing needs.

International university gateway

In this 21st century of education, the technology and high rate of accessibility have made your ‘dreams comes true’ way easier than never before. Learning what you want from wherever you want is never hard to access as olden days. We know that the nomadic culture of mankind had come to an end ages ago. But ironically in this modern world too we have got modern nomads. Fortunately for modern nomads relocating is much easier whether it is for education or for career or for anything.

Pursuing an international degree or building your career in abroad is no more a fancy dream. This also demands the need of setting the global standards of education everywhere around the globe. In this era of education, GRADUATOR too work as an authentic channel of your international education needs and helping you to study anything anywhere.

How We Do

Creative procedure


study the problem and general materials to find out creative concepts.


quickly translate the visions into reality and patent possible approaches.


release approaches out into the world, submit it to criticism & adaptation.

Our Team


Managing director

The founder partner of graduator and the master brain of the team. Anshid is also a co-founder of Adsum Consultancy Pvt Ltd. He is in his mid 20s and has a fresh mind who knows the pulse of young generation. He is a civil engineer dropout born with a business mind who always dreamt of being an entrepreneur. At the age of six he started nourishing his business enthusiasm by selling crackers in his neighbourhood during festivals.

Since then he tried & enhanced several aspects of business and was paving an own road to his goal. He says “the education system in our country should be restructured. The schooling is able to serve its purpose somehow. But the higher education system including the curriculum, its implication among the scholars should be updated time to time and implication needs to be more of experience oriented”. He aim a revolution in the education sector.

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